Climate Modelling

Simulating the Carbon Cycle

This research project was part of my BSc Physics at University College London in 2020 in a group of 8.

As part of my BSc Physics at UCL, we made an attempt to mathematically model the Earth's carbon cycle in a group of 8. It was a task that became more daunting the further we got, but it has been a fantastic experience to work with amazing people on this impactful issue of our time.

The carbon cycle is a system where carbon flows between different reservoirs that include the atmosphere, land and ocean. Human emissions perturb the exchanges between these reservoirs, and are changing the Earth’s temperature and climate. This project attempted to built a mathematical model of the carbon cycle, and predicts the future CO2 concentration and temperature up to the year 2130.

Schematic representation of the final model

Predictions of CO2 concentration from 2014-2130 by the final model 

Temperature change due to increased radiative forcing based  on  the  concentration  predictions