About Me (so far..)

Currently, I am - Gordon Julian Köhn - a MSc student at ETH Zürich diving into the computational statistics behind single-cell genomics. Before, I specialized in solar-space plasma simulation during my MSc at Imperial College London and before University College London.

I grew up in the countryside near Hamburg, pursuing ever new projects merging science and coding.

This page is a place for my (ego,) projects and university resources (helping out the next guy).

I am aiming to take part in building / spreading transformative technologies. Starting end of the year. Up for hire.

Always looking to learn more about ...
  • Meritocracy / Hedge Funds
  • Crypto / DeFin
  • Quantum Computing
  • Space Age / Asteroid Mining
  • Resource Scarcity
  • Biotechnology / Biohacking / Aging / Agritech
  • Brain-Computer-Interface
  • 2nd Nuclear Age
not that I am an expert on any of those - just an enthusiast.

Others about me

Really just putting this here to help the page rank (and of course vanity).