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BSc Physics UCL 2020, MSc Physics ICL 2021, MSc Biotech ETH 2023

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  • University College London - BSc Physics, class of 2020
  • Imperial College London - MSc Physics, class of 2021
  • ETH Zürich - MSc Biotech, class of 2023

  • Why

    Noone can sustain a physics degree without solutions! I made it through because of the ones before me. I am just passing on the tradition.

    Over the three years of my BSc at UCL I have accumulated a wealth of probeme sheets and foremost handwritten solution of past exams. I have put it all here for you. All of the solutions are a product of what my friends and me managed to do in preperation of exams. A very special thanks and credit to my dear friends and study group: Camilla Tacconis, Lodovico Scarpa and Maksymilian Słupski. You made it worthwile.


    Just download, happy to share so you may do better. Perhaps buy be a coffe to keep the page running. (There is a AWS server humming because of you ;-) )

    University College London - BSc Physics

    • Handwritten Exam Solutions of 2nd and 3rd year
    • 1-3 year Exams/PSTs/ICAs

    The ones before me...

    In the years before there were other ones that helped me...lecagy links here, some may be down

    For more solutions check out..

    The private Facebook Group that is passed on from year to year. - UCL Physics Past Papers

    Imperial College London - MSc Physics

    ETH Zürich - MSc Biotechnology

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