Our first Project

Linearity is our first game. It is the reason why NyxX Studios was founded and why our team became interested in game development. The idea with Linearity was to create a simple, fun casual game that everyone could play and enjoy. In the game you play as a little ball trying not to get hit by the coloured objects that fall down on the ground where your ball is moving.

At the moment we have just an android version. An iOS Version is in Development.

the best antidote to boredom anonymus user - 15.07.

nice game for an indi dev studio some of our friends - 13.07.

How to play

Let's be honest! This part is actually unnecessary, but anyways.

You are a small ball on a flat area. Dangerous objects try to smash you. Avoid them! You don't have to be very bright to get it. Linearity is simple!

example Linearity Picture Now imagine a small ball right in the middle.

You can collect coins in the game to buy new skins for your ball and to unlock a lot of different levels.


There is a local highscore for every level, but more interesting the global highscore. We've implemented a global, even daily and weekly, for the all levels. This enabels you to compet with your friends.

Tips and Tricks

For those who want to beat their friends:

Defend the center

Feel free to use all your moving-space. Even through sometimes it seems to be the safest to stay at one screenborder, the middel is the safest. Stay in the middle! It gives you the best chances to avoid the killing objects.

Use a relaxed position

You play Linearity by tapping carefully on your device. It is very sensitive to any change so you want every touch on your device to be controlled and not unintentional. So sit comfortable when playing to minimise unnecessary movements [and keep your friends away].

Take Part

We haven't finished Linearity yet and even plan to make some updates for new features. Feel free to give us some feeedback. We would be delighted.

We need it for the highscores. It's just your in-game name, nothing more. There is no personal data collected.